Outdoor discovery

The Gia-rai Tomb House to Be Mended

In the end of 1998, the Gia-rai Aráp tomb house, the first traditional house, was built in the open-air exhibition of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

After nine years opening to the public, the tomb house was heavy broken down. There are only 27 poles undamaged. Hence, the Museum invites four Gia-rai Aráp men in Mrông Ngọ hamlet (Ia Ka commune, Chư Pah district, Gia Lai) come to repair and rebuild the tomb house. They are the people who built this tomb house nine years ago. Most of the mending works are carrying out at the Museum. The public have chance to take part in exchanges with those people and learn about the building process, as well as the Gia-rai Aráp custom of tomb house abandoning ceremony. Two big slabs weaving with many patterns to roof and the wooden band with decorations putting on the rooftop were made in the village and brought to Hà Nội. This is an opportunity for the youth in Mrông Ngọ to learn the technique to make traditional tomb house from their elders. The mending time is expected to last from 24th December 2007 to 24th January 2008.