Public Programs

Mid-Autumn Festival 2009 at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is going to hold “Mid-Autumn Festival 2009: Vietnam – Japan” in 3 days from 25th to 27th September (Friday, Saturday and Sunday); the exhibition and education program related to theme Mid- Autumn festival & Children’s day will last until November 1st, 2009.

 The festival is cooperation between the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and the National Kyushu Museum (Japan) and Japan Foundation for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam and Vietnam – Japan Human Resource Cooperation Center, and Viettel Telecom Company; as well as the helps from the Embassy of Japan in Hanoi, Nui Truc Japanese Language Center and Vietnam-Japan Culture Association

This is a good opportunity for public, especially families in Hanoi, to explore and learn about the similarities and differences between Vietnamese and Japanese cultures through the contents of the exhibition, performance as well as the education program. The Museum devotes the first day in 25/9 to disable children. The representatives of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and Viettel Telecom Corporation will present 100 gifts to children of several villages and charitable centers for education in the opening ceremony; the children will be able to enjoy the activities at the Museum.

Beside the dragon and lion dance and water puppetry of Vietnam, yosakoi dance, dango moon cake-making, cartoon telling, kamishibai, and so on coming from Japan will be performed in the Museum.

Together with the introduction and guidance in playing the traditional games of the two countries such as tug of war, hopscotch, spinning top, walking on stilts,… visitors will have chances to play and compete (with the prize for the winner) in a number of Japanese games such as beanbags, otedama, bamboo Helicopter, taketombo, yo-yo, playing quoits, wanage, smiling face, fuku-warai, Japanese chess, shogi. Through playing games, visitors will have a feeling of the similarities and differences of traditional games in Vietnam and Japan.

Especially, by enjoying the performance of Japanese tea ceremony, ikebana, visitors will see the talents and skills of the artisans from Urasenke Tea Group in Japan. Visitors who like Japanese culture will be able to participate in and learn about the tea ceremony and flower ceremony – the two well-known cultural elements of Japan.

In order to organize this festival, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology recruited more than 200 volunteers both Vietnamese and Japanese, mostly coming from high schools and universities in Hanoi. The volunteers were trained in Saturday and Sunday from August 22nd until September 20th. The staff from the Education Department and the Outdoor Exhibition Department and some Japanese trained the volunteers for playing traditional games, making traditional toys, making moon cakes… of the two countries. Through volunteering for the Museum, the students and children will be able to practice their skills to interact with the public, improve their knowledge in culture as well as explore their talents.

With the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, after the “Vietnam-Japan Traditional Games Festival” in 2003, the “Mid-Autumn Festival 2009: Vietnam–Japan” in 2009 is a new development of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in introducing and exchanging cultures between Vietnam and Japan.