Virtual tour indoor

The permanent collection occupies the majority of the exhibition space. However, there is a separate area for the temporary exhibits. The permanent collection is divided into 9 main sections, each of which includes objects displayed in glass cases and dioramas.



General introduction

Visitors first meet with a panel titled: “Vietnam, Historical and Cultural Periods”. Historical periods of the country are presented as well as information about the integration of ethnic groups, cultures and civilisations of Vietnam.


A large colour map shows the distribution of ethnic groups according to language groups. At the same time, three major sub-regions (North, Centre, South) indicate the ethnic groups’ affinity for settlement in particular elevations.


Five display panels show portraits of individuals within each of the 54 ethic groups classified according to five ethnic language families: Austro-Asiatic, Austronesian, Hmong-Yao, Thai-Kadai and Sino-Tibetan. At the same time, visitors can hear an audiotape of an individual from each ethnic group.